Add barrel-aged flavor to whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, or just about anything typically aged in oak barrels

No soaking required -  Just pour your spirits through the AccelerOak Pod using the specially designed funnel

Patent Pending

These are just some of the drinks you could enjoy


I have a kit and have just re-ordered more pods. This product WORKS ! It tranforms regular whiskey into a smooth tasty sippin pleasure that tastes as good if not better than the high priced big label brands. My friends need to stop drinking mine and get their own..Great product.

C. Cooper

Brand New, Patent Pending Product

Small chips of charred oak provide massive amount of surface area

Blend of char levels produces desired flavor, color, and aroma results

Each pod will condition about 4 oz. in around 60 seconds

Our Story

Introducing a new way to condition whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, or just about any spirit typically aged in oak barrels. Oak barrel aging turns whiskey into bourbon and enhances the flavor of countless other products. One big drawback to oak barrel aging is that it takes 4, 10, sometimes 25 years for the barrel to do its work. Another drawback is that along the way, product known as the “angel’s share” is lost to evaporation. What if there was a way to shorten the idea of that process into a few seconds instead of a few years? AccelerOak™ conditioning pods have been developed by an engineer with over 30 years of food equipment experience to do just that. Charred oak is reduced to small chips which greatly increases the surface area that comes into contact with the whiskey, or other product. Chips of varying char levels are mixed in a proprietary ratio and packaged in a filter pack for convenient use. Grab your favorite un-aged white whiskey, tequila, rum, gin, or other spirit and get ready to experience the essence of barrel aged flavor in a few seconds instead of years. Each AccelerOak™ conditioning pod is good for approximately 4 ounces, so a typical 750ml bottle can be conditioned using 6 pods. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Condition some white dog whiskey and mimic a barrel aged bourbon – condition some tequila and smooth it out while enhancing its flavor – condition some rum and mix up a pina colada like no other – experiment with your favorite bourbon or rye whiskey to mix and blend a unique spirit that is all your own. Cheers!