My spirits didn't change color. What happened? The conditioning pod may have bunched up or shifted to the side when the funnel was assembled. When this happens, the spirits are able to bypass the charred oak contained in the conditioning pod. Try making sure the conditioning pod is centered on the funnel and take care not to disturb the conditioning pod as the funnel is assembled. (watch the video on the instructions page)

What's that little metal ring on the funnel?  The toothed washer is installed on the funnel to prevent an air-lock from forming between the funnel and bottle.  As liquid enters the bottle through the funnel, the toothed washer allows air to escape.

Why aren't my spirits flowing through the funnel?  The spirits should flow freely. It is possible that you are trying to condition something that is too thick to flow through the conditioning pod. Anything thicker than spirits may not properly flow through the conditioning pod.  Liquids with high surface tension may also not flow freely through the funnel.

Can I condition beer? Beer is typically too thick to properly flow through the pod.

Can I condition other things? Sure! Feel free to experiment. Some users have reported on conditioning coffee and apple juice. Just be sure it can flow through the conditioning pod.

Can I condition spirits that have already been aged in an oak barrel? Absolutely! This is all about customizing the flavor to something that you enjoy.

The moonshine I want to condition is a very high proof. Should I dilute it? Bourbon, whiskey, rum, etc... is normally bottled at 80 proof, so diluting to this level is typical. Spring water or distilled water is recommended for the dilution process. Diluting prior to conditioning will prevent the oak aged flavor from being diluted, but it is up to you and the unique flavor you want to create.